Dallas Observer Mixtape with Jeff Parrott: Aphex Twin, A Tribe Called Quest & More

courtesy Jeff Parrott
Jeff Parrott is a prime example of what can happen when visual art meets its auditory counterpart. Parrott pursues his music in an approach he calls "Psyexpression" where his two artistic outlets feed each other. His contribution to the Dallas Observer Mixtape series strikes a balance between DJ set and live electronic performance with the majority of the tunes being his own. Parrot has deep roots in trance, but this mix is all over the place genre wise, touching base with classic braindance from Aphex Twin and the Orb in the midst of his own sonic maelstrom of pulsing synths and overdriven drums.

Dallas Observer: How did you get started in electronic music? How long have you been at it?
Jeff Parrott: I began around 17 years ago. I have been at it for about 10 years. I have always played the violin and started out young taking piano lessons while growing up; but electronic music was my favorite.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?
The track selection is a mixture of my own work and other DJs. The mix was created from Korg Kassilator, Kaoss Pad and Garage Band. This track was made with the present-day human condition and political mindset that is felt and the mysterious atmosphere which is prevalent at this time.

How has your life as an artist informed your life as a DJ and vice versa?
I think being a visual artist, I have tried to over time evoke an emotion of what my work would look like though auditory sounds. It's a very important part of my work. Art and music I feel both play as much a part as just painting. I try now to incorporate a song I've made that expresses what my painting would visually say through one's ear drum. My music is made in my studio while working on my paintings. I have my gear set up in a way that it is easy to start recording when it is the right moment.

What is the definition of Pysexpression?
Psyexpression is simply the word “psy,” which means mind, and "expression," meaning expressing self. Together psy + expression, is expressing one's ... internal self and one’s invisible reality. Psyexpression brings together the mystical and esoteric side of “something higher and beyond” which [we] cannot fully grasp.

What is your relationship with Dallas DJ Culture?
I really just got started. I hope to do more. I performed at Vice Palace this past year.

What music inspired you to start exploring your interest in electronic music?
Trance music back in 2001 caught my attention. I listened to trance music for about five years and it turned to psychedelic trance.

How is trance different from psychedelic trance?
Trance is more melodic and repetitive whereas psychedelic trance has more bass and faster, darker beats. The beats in psytrance can get incorporated into many other genres which is interesting to sync with a popular pop song or even an old country song.

Do you dig for new music and if so where do you like to find new tunes? Have there been any recent releases that have caught your ear?
I get all my music from iTunes and YouTube. I usually keep the songs random to try and compose them into a similar beat for my mixes.

What's the most profound musical experience you've had in the past year?
The most profound musical experience this year would have to be Boom Festival in Portugal. This was the opportunity and the chance I had to see the culture and meet individuals that I have been influenced by. At this festival, I was able to mingle with the artists and camp out and spend several days with them.

What gigs do you have in the near future?
I have a solo show this February of my paintings and music at RO2 Art Dallas.

1. "Slinky" - PlastikMan
2. "I Believe" (Bruce Remix)
3. "Morbid Prison
4. "Fett Bass" (Original)
5. "Analytical Sample" - Jeff Parrott
6. "Trance Dance Experience" - Jeff Parrott
7. "4 bit 9 d api + e+6 [126.36]" - Aphex Twin
8. "0101010101010101010101" - Jeff Parrott
9. "Just an illusion" (Imperator Mix)
10. "Windowlikker" - Aphex Twin
11. "Fluffy Clouds" - The Orb
12. "Dark Abduction" - Jeff Parrott
13. "Natural Environment" - Jeff Parrott
14. "Pollock In The Barn" - Jeff Parrott
15. "Contain" - PlastikMan
16. "Post" - Traumatic Son (Robert Hood Mix)
17. "Cataclysm"
18. "Sleep Deprivation"
19. "Strange Freak" - Jeff Parrott
20. "The Fourth Dimension"
21. "Enjoy The Silence" - Depeche Mode
22. "Crucial Night" - Goa Gil
23. "Abstraction" - HellQuist
24. "Dimensional Journey D Vision" - BeautifulThing
25. "Input/Output" - Jeff Parrott
26. "Jeff Is An Alien" - Jeff Parrott
27. "Phobos" - Stephen Bodzin and Marc Ronboy
28. "Techno Windows" - Astrix
29. "Cosmo VS Cerebral Factory" - Reality Hackers
30. "Imaginary Friend" - DeadMau5
31. "Something" - Jeff Parrott
32. "Twisted Psy" - Jeff Parrott
33. "Reality" - Knobs
34. "Stomp" - Sev Fontaine
35. "Helikopter" - PlastikMan
36. "Sorry Bro" - Wikileadz and Angry Luna
37. "The Space Program" - A Tribe Called Quest
38. "Pangea" - Jeff Parrott
39. "Anyone Out There" - Three Six Mafia/ ScareCrow
40. "Colatox"
41. Right Said Fred
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