Dallas Observer Mixtape With John Baugh

John Baugh is a staple in the Dallas house and techno community, best known for his affiliation with the Soundslike crew and as one half of the DJ duo Dragonlazer.  Baugh dives into some deep but floor-friendly territory for this week's Mixtape, complete with a nod to Dallas' own Brett Johnson. For the Q&A, Baugh sheds some light on his early roots as a DJ and what drives his passion for club music.

Dallas Observer:
How did you get started DJing? How long have you been DJing?

Baugh: I went to a rave and was completely blown away with the whole experience. This was 1999 in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had no idea what the DJ was doing or what I was listening to, but I was hooked. In 2000 a friend of mine’s mom owned a store that bought and sold music equipment and CDs and tapes. I ordered a DJ-in-a-box kit from them: two belt-drive decks and a two-channel mixer with no EQ. It was pretty horrible. I just started playing in my bedroom and doing house parties with friends. Fun times.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

This mix was recorded live at The Bullet Plant in Deep Ellum on two Pioneer XDJ 1000s and an Allen & Heath Xone 92 mixer. The theme for this is just a bunch of songs that I like that I’ve been playing out over the past four to five years that have worked well on dance floors.

What DJs have had a profound impact on you?

I’m impacted by DJs all the time from all different kinds of styles and genres. The Global Underground stuff from the late '90s and early 2000s like Steve Lawler, Danny Tennaglia and John Digweed for sure. That’s what I was into when I started DJing. Also, a ton of Dallas DJs. Way too many to list.

What is your most memorable music moment of the past year as a DJ?

Probably playing at the Our House or Proton warehouse parties. Those are always fun.

What is your most memorable music moment of the past year as an audience member?

That's tough. Roman Flugel vs. Simian Mobile Disco at Crssd Fest in San Diego was very memorable. They played at sunset. It was amazing. Also, Mia Wallace at The Express a few weeks ago. Insane set. I’m still blown away.

Where do you like to dig for tracks? Any specific websites or stores?

Mostly Beatport.

Do you have a preference between DJing and production?

I’ve never really gotten into producing. I love DJing though.

How have you seen the Dallas DJ scene grow over the past decade?

It’s different. A decade ago people were still feeling the effects of the RAVE Act. There wasn’t as much of an underground/DIY party scene like there is now. Every weekend now you have multiple warehouse parties playing all sorts of music and it’s awesome.

What is going on with Soundslike nowadays?

Taking it easy. Just doing our monthly rooftop party, The Come Up, for now. It’s at Wits End this Friday.

What is in your near future as a DJ?

Playing my two monthly parties this weekend. Friday night is our Soundslike/Diamond rooftop party, The Come Up. This is our fourth year doing this party and they keep getting better. The vibe has been great all summer. On Sunday during the day I play at Cold Beer Company for our party, The Yacht Club. It’s all '70s and '80s soft rock. So much fun. Other than that, some private parties and stuff.

1. Ahora (Margot Remix) - Daphni [Amazing Sounds]
2. Gimme Some More (thinKing remix) - Steve Lawler
3. Refine To Deepness (Nall Remix) - Jay Haze, Tyler, ESB [Leftroom Records]
4. Psyhefunk - Kink [Kolour Recordings]
5. Zum - Simon Baker [Nofitstate]
6. High (Greymatter Remix) - No.Face, Ella Rothwell [Get Some Records]
7. The Sender - Greg Paulus [Left'd]
8. Crossroad Traffic (Brett Johnson Remix) - Gone Deville [Mile End Records]
9. Break It Down (Max Chapman Remix) - Marlo Maroto [Neim]
10. Claim (Charles Webster Remix) - Randolph [Still Music]
11. Solo The Master - Safeword [Paso Music]
12. Dr. Fuck - DJ Koze [Circus Company]
13. Cardiology (Isolee Remix) - Recloose [Playhouse]
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