Dallas Observer Mixtape with Left/Right: Catz 'n Dogz, Doc Daneeka and more

Performing under the name Left/Right, producer and DJ Chris Lund has established himself as one of the more prolific electronic artists in Dallas over the past decade. Lund recently added his own label BRØKEN to his list of musical responsibilities. Over the course of 19 releases (around 50 tracks) Lund has covered a variety of electronic styles while always keeping his distinct sonic imprint. Like some of Dallas' other electronic producers, Lund's tracks have won international support. This week's Observer mixtape features a Left/Right set from the Soundslike party this past September.

Dallas Observer: How did you get started DJing? How long have you been DJing?

Left/Right: I started in the year 2000, spinning vinyl at a friend's house, and got turntables later that year. Been hooked ever since! Electronic music has such a vibrant culture, and it's been so interesting to watch how it evolves.

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

This mix is a live recording from SoundsLike @ Wit's End, where I was excited to play some more house and techno business. I played on two CDJs via flash drive. I still haven't picked up [a] rekordbox yet, but that'll be my next move, probably soon.

What DJs/producers have had a profound impact on you?

One of the most incredible DJ sets I ever saw was by Jacques Greene at SXSW a couple years ago — all music I'd never heard and [he] had a really musical way of blending songs together. Production-wise I really love Dark Sky and Throwing Snow; I'm always impressed by their effortless originality. On the heavier end I genuinely love the output of Punks label-heads Stanton Warriors, and [what] label-mates Mafia Kiss and Nixon have been doing.

How did you get into production?

I got into production in college when I took a synthesis class at Collin College (where I now teach audio engineering). Learning how to make sounds from scratch lit a fire in me … I took another music course the following semester and then promptly changed my major from psychology to music.

Do you have a preference between DJing and production?

I like both for very different reasons. Production is more introspective and more about how I feel in the studio; DJing is much more interactive and about moving a community of people. Both can be very satisfying, and I like being able to produce and DJ a wide variety of music … It's something I think Left/Right has come to stand for.

What was it like to play Fabric?

Fabric was fun to play not only because of the environment (world-class basement vibes) but also to be around a lot of producers that I knew and respected from all the around the world. I remember meeting people I had spoken with or [collaborated with] from all over the U.K., Spain, Japan, Romania and the U.S. When I played the Hot Cakes boat party in London this summer, it was a similar experience but more London-based producers. I love London quite a bit. ... I've always liked gray, rainy weather.

Do you have any favorite pieces of gear or software that you use for production?

Yes, my main synth on all my recent production is my Nord Lead 2. The more I use it the more I love it for its simplicity [and] unique character, and also the kind of nervous energy I get out of it. My girlfriend often says my patches "sound like bees," which I love.

What labels have you released music on? What new releases do you have coming down the pipe?

My main two official labels are Punks (U.K.) and Audiophile (U.S.), with singles coming on both and remixes for Stanton Warriors and Deekline coming soon. However, I've also released a lot of free music this year on Bodhi, and my new label/blog collective called BRØKEN. We are launching our first night with Chris Lorenzo on Halloween at It'll Do, which I'm very excited about!

Where do you like to dig for tracks? Any specific websites or stores?

I really do try to dig everywhere I can because I get different results in each place. I get a decent amount of promos these days and also search on Beatport, Youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud, Juno, Spotify and Bandcamp. Those are probably my top. 


Erosion (Original Mix) - GoldFFinch
Church Road Shuffle (Original Mix) - Kry Wolf
Uptown (Original Mix) - Sleepy Cat
Follow The Step (Kink Beat Mix) - Rachel Row
Walk On In Ft Ratcatcher (Original Mix) - Doc Daneeka
If Your Girl Only Knew - DubRocca
The Block - Lokate
L Square (Kink Beat Mix) - Rachel Row
Need Electric (LR EDIT) - Daniel Avery
Submissive (Original Mix) - DJ Boris, Jewel Kid
Why Can't We See (Evil Nine Remix) - Housquare
The Giver - Duke Dumont
They Don't Know (Justin Jay Remix) - Disciples
The Fever ft. Quivver (Original Mix) - Matt Lange
Sheshe (Original Mix) - F Shaded (LA)
Feel So Free - Leftwing & Kody
Drop It (Original Mix) - Catz 'n Dogs
Tipton (Original Mix) - Dustbowl
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