Dallas Observer Mixtape with Omar Mustafa & RXE: Bob Moses, Carlo Lio & More

Omar Mustafa represents the brighter side of Dallas' younger-generation DJ culture.  He's dedicated to the art of the mix, but as an audience member he's a staple on the dancefloor of many other DJ's dance nights. If you go out to see club DJs often enough, you are more than likely going to cross paths with Mustafa. With roots that go back to the infamous Afterlife night club, Mustafa operates with a broad palette of club music, from drum and bass to house. For this week's mixtape Omar teamed up with RXE for a mix of funky four-four.

Dallas Observer: How has your DJing been developing in recent years?

Mustafa: I’m pretty happy to say that over the past year I’ve gotten to DJ for a number of the different local crews, each with their own unique vibe. It has been both fun and challenging looking for tracks that not only flow with that particular night but also fit my personal sound. Oh! I’ve finally started to learn how to produce (for reals this time).

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

This mix is actually a live recording from a rooftop party that Rehan Ellahi (RXE) and his roommate Rafat threw about a month ago. Due to some last-minute changes to the lineup, I ended up doing a tag set with RXE near the beginning of the night. We didn’t have a particular theme for the tracks. We were just going with what we felt would work with the crowd. We may have also drank a bit more than usual before our set and were just having fun with it.

How do you know RXE?

RXE has been a really good friend of mine since I started going out to clubs. We both started DJing at the same time at Afterlife back in 2010. When Afterlife shut down he used his interest in sound design and audio engineering to get into producing. Over the past 5 years he has been focusing on producing progressive house and techno-inspired tracks with groovy percussion and '80s style synths.

What is getting you excited about Dallas DJ culture as of late?

I feel like I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it’s worth repeating: There are a lot of awesome things going on in the Dallas DJ scene. So many big names have been getting booked to play here week after week. So many unique and exciting parties keep popping up.

What crews are you playing with most nowadays?

I’ve been a member of Motif Dallas for a bit over a year now. They’ve had me on the lineup for a number of their shows over the past few years, even before I officially became a part of their crew. Also, Two:Tone has been having me come out to play about once a month or so.

Where do you like to dig for tracks?

SoundCloud. There’s a never-ending stream of quality mixes on there to listen to throughout the day and pick out tracks that really stick out.

What are some of your favorite residencies to frequent?

I get my drum and bass fix every Thursday night with Two:Tone over at Wits End. Lately, I’ve been having to split my Thursday nights with the Nothing But Techno crew. They’re posted up at the Crown & Harp the first three Thursdays of the month.

What was the most profound musical experience you have had in the past year?

Helping organize the Afterlife Reunion that happened last month was pretty damn profound. I helped book the DJs and organize time slots for both stages. ... A ton of work was put in to getting that party together. I’m so glad it ended up going really well without any major issues! It was a big learning experience for me.

What gigs do you have in the near future?

Playing on June 25 with Two:Tone. I’ve also got a spot on Tyler Brown’s weekly Neighbors Radio show sometime in August. Also in August, I’ll be playing down in Houston for Derek Casas’ ‘Up Close & Personal’ monthly. Super excited for that one since it’ll be my first gig outside of Dallas.

1. Prince - Erotic City (Scott Boy Remix)
2. Natema & Live K - My Chance
3. Alex Ground - Sonar Week
4. Gorge - Tayo
5. Lexicon Avenue & Andrew Best feat. Slim Wall - Slide (Kastis Torrau Remix)
6. Seawalls, We Are All Astronauts - Found And Lost (Simon Shackleton Remix)
7. Tvardovsky - Refraction
8. Till Kruger - Motor City (808 Brain Mix)
9. Mischa - She
10. Chico - Nux Vomica
11. Books Shade, Yaruba - Black Cow
12. Bob Moses - Talk (MAXMLN Remix)
13. Tilt - 30 Hits Of Acid (Quivver Remix)
14. Paride Saraceni feat. Monce - Burning
15. 2ndSun - Control
16. Mia Wallace - Calico (Flatless Remix)
17. Carlo Lio, Harvey McKay - Droid Decay
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