It all goes down Dec. 1.
It all goes down Dec. 1.
Dallas Observer

Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase Tickets Are On Sale ... Now!

Wow. Is it already that time of the year? Yes, it is. The DOMAs are coming up, aren't they? Yes, they are. Wow. Time flies. Yes. I should start thinking about buying tickets to the coolest showcase in all the land. Yes, you should.

The presale for the Dallas Observer Music Awards showcase has started, and tickets are available here. And because we like you, we are giving you — YES, YOU — a special presale code. With the promo code LOCALMUSIC you can get a general admission ticket for $10, which is the price of two and a half Big Macs, and not to be offensive, you don't need the Big Macs. You do need a night out seeing local music, though. Confirmed acts include Remy Reilly, Dead Mockingbirds, Acid Carousel and lots more.

A general admission ticket gets you a chance to see more than 50 local bands on eight stages in Deep Ellum. Venues include 253 Deep Ellum, Club Dada's indoor and outdoor stage, Off the Record, Prophet Bar, Reno’s Chop Shop, Three Links and Trees.

With the promo code LOCALMUSIC, you can also get a VIP ticket for $34, which gets you three drink tickets at a private bar upstairs in Trees.

This is all happening Saturday, Dec. 1, but today, you need to buy a ticket. Or two. Or nine. Future you will thank you.

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