Dallas Rapper J. Rhodes On How Oak Cliff Huxtable Is His College Dropout

Dallas rapper J. Rhodes will join Playdough on October 26 at the Prophet Bar to celebrate the release of his new project, Oak Cliff Huxtable. We shot him a few questions about the new release.

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Name a few hip-hop artists who've had a lasting effect on you. OutKast, first and foremost. They made being innovative cool. Every album classic, every album different. Kanye West: He brought the producer/artist to the forefront in the modern era. There were others before him, but no one did it as big as he did from a musical and branding standpoint. Jay-Z: Dude's just cool. Dude could get a plug in his head by his barber and it would become the new trend.

What does this particular album release signify for you? It's my coming-out party as an artist. I think it's my College Dropout. I've made my name with my productions, but I think this beat brings all of my talents together to display me as an all-around artist.

What are a couple of your favorite tracks off the album? Cliche alert: I love them ALL. All 14 tracks. No skips on this project. But ... "Loyalty": I've been through and learned a lot since my last release, and "Loyalty" discusses having an epiphany about the right and wrong people in my life. "Oak Cliff Huxtable": It just really felt like I was on the brownstone steps. Though Oak Cliff has nothing of that sort. It felt like home. My daughter being on it solidified this being my favorite!

What do you think of your co-headliner, Playdough? Playdough has some of the most dynamic music I've heard. I've been blessed to work with him as a producer on a couple of occasions, and it was a complete honor. Coolest guy you'll ever meet. Grounded in the Lord, but he's not the type to flaunt his faith in your face.

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Hunter Hauk