Dallas Week Looks to Bring Together the Best and Brightest of Local Hip Hop

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Panels are more or less uninteresting to a person not directly invested in a trade. If you attended last night’s Dallas rap panel at Off The Record, then you’re probably invested in the trade (and business) of rap in Dallas. In fact, your livelihood may even depend on some of the advice that the panelists, including folks like Joel Salazar of Too Fresh Productions and Alex Thompson of Scoremore, had to offer. With some of the most important players in Dallas’ rap scene in attendance, the panel played as a great opportunity to network, but it was also an erudite start to what is being dubbed Dallas Week.

Dallas Week is a combination of coincidence, luck and good timing. Pat Averhart, a promoter and marketer, saw that there was an influx of hip hop-related shows this week and made a few phone calls to get something together that was more concrete. The whole point behind Dallas Week is to host a connected string of events that creates a sense of community and puts a spotlight on how prevalent hip-hop is in Dallas. Averhart says it shows that the city “[has] a hip-hop culture.”

Dallas Week is spreading with enthusiasm on social media, particularly Twitter, where the hashtag #DallasWeek has caught on. The hashtag is being used not only to promote the coming events and shows, but also to share music that’s been released. It’s essentially a Hare Krishna spiritual enlightenment.

One of the folks Averhart called was Mason “Bric” LaDue, who works in management and promotions, some of which with Taylor Gang. LaDue works closely with Post Malone, who he considers a little brother. Post Malone, the recent viral sensation, is probably the marquee name throughout Dallas Week. Malone smartly moved out to Los Angeles to get his career kickstarted at 18. LaDue considers this a homecoming show, and it kind of is as Malone’s hype is at an all-time high and this will be his first headlining show in Dallas.

Aside from Post Malone's show at Trees on Saturday, 16Bars.XXX is throwing a party hosted by 40oz Van with a performance by The Outfit, TX. The young and rowdy rap crew, Crit Life, is throwing one of their Free WiFi parties. DJ Sober is celebrating his birthday at his weekly Beauty Bar set. Bishop Nehru headlines a Red Bull Sound Select that has support from The Outfit, TX, Houston's Fat Tony, and Buffalo Black. Dave Morgan, author and member of The Mohicans, will be interviewed alongside artists Jeremy Biggers and Joonbug at Sandaga. Last but not least, Live From the Underground will have its weekly Friday broadcast on Deep Ellum On Air. All of these things are happening in just this week.

As with many people, LaDue feels Dallas Week is a perfect time to capitalize on creativity in the Dallas rap scene. “I’m in love with the ability and the initiative these young artists in Dallas are displaying,” he says.

Averhart hopes that this isn't just a one off thing. He sees it as something that carries on for years. "It's the beginning of something great, hopefully."

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.