Dan Paul Does It All

Dan Paul Does It All

Dan Paul is Dallas' renaissance man of the moment. He sings, he acts, he drags. As of tomorrow, call him Dan Paul Roberts, because he is also an artist and decided to change up his moniker for art's sake. A new exhibition of his work opens at the Magnolia Theater gallery with a reception tonight at starting at 8 p.m. The show runs till February 5. Yeah, that would be the indie movie-plex in West Village.

You can get another dose of Roberts' art over at The Meridian Room for just a few more weeks.. The art collective CPR (Cross Pollinating Realities) is the creation of Roberts, photographer Hal Samples and artist Mike Arreaga opened their exhibit back in mid-December.

Of course, a lot of us know Paul, er, Roberts for his music. Whether he's singing it up solo style or glamming out as Miss Candi Shell of She-Dick, we're just waiting for a book of poetry and a clothing line.

Here's a peek at Roberts in New York getting all emo.

Dan Paul & Jeff Cook perform 'Blackbird'

Did we mention he acts, too? And in heels. Here's a peek of Roberts as Candi in Isreal Luna's short film used to open screenings at the recent OUT Takes Dallas Film Festival. -- Rich Lopez

Fade To Drag - Directing


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