Since there was such a clamor yesterday

over the early Amazon mp3 download figures for Danny Balis' solo debut, Too Much Living, a quick update: Last night, the disc crack the site's top five downloads in the folk genre (coming in at No. 4) the top 10 n the country genre (coming in at No. 9) and sat as the No. 131 overall downloaded album on the site.

Danny Balis' Debut Cracks Amazon's Top Ten In Country and Folk Album Downloads

At the time of this post, the disc has dropped a bit in each of those categories, but remains the No. 10 most dlownloaded folk disc, the No. 22 most downloaded country disc, and has slipped to No. 267 on the overall downloads chart.
The folk and country chartings are most impressive as, somehow, Balis; disc is out-doing discs from the likes of Regina Spector, Neil Young, Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban. Of course, those discs have been on the charts far longer than Balis' three days, but that's still impressive company.


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