Danny Brown Wishes People Would Stop Trying to Be Impressive

Danny Brown is getting OLD. While he has stated that the title of his forthcoming album is a tribute to Wu-Tang legend and strong creative influence, Old Dirty Bastard, there seems to be a deeper context behind it. Detroit's grimy casanova is now 32, and though the young fanbase he's acquired in his time at Fools Gold Records will spend tomorrow night at Trees getting too turned up to his energetic live set (alongside EDM celebrity DJ Baauer), it seems Brown is content with his wildin out days past him. Before he embarks on a long stretch of Summer tour dates, he gave us a few minutes to talk about his comedic sensibilities, dream collaborations and Dallas rapper Stubb A Lean.

You're about to hit the road for awhile. What do you like to do to prepare for a long tour? Rest more than anything. Just be at home, because I know I'm not going to be there for a minute. I need to just relax and be by myself for a minute. I'm kind of a loner type of guy.

Whats your favorite part about touring the South? People are generally nice down there, it's just chill. I'm not like a party and go out type of person, and I think that when you're in an atmosphere where it's not really that crazy it's kinda cool. LA, New York, those big cities kind of like force you to go out and do stuff. When you're in a place like Texas, I just chill and eat a lot of good food really. Just eat and smoke and stuff.

You've alluded in recent interviews that your new project is going to take an unexpected direction as far as your humor goes. As a rapper who's known for his punchlines, do you ever feel pressure to be funny on the track? I don't ever feel pressured. I'm just being me, I'm naturally funny. I'll say something that's not even that funny, and people will laugh just at the way I say it and how it sounds. I think that's just going to come out anyway, I can make a serious ass song and people will laugh at it. I never have to force being funny. At the end of the day, if you can make somebody laugh out of a bad situation, that's like making a bad situation better right?

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You've also announced a lot of the featured artists to appear on OLD [ASAP Rocky, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Kitty and Purity Ring]. Are there any artists you haven't worked with yet that you'd really like to collaborate with? One person that I just admire so much and would like to just be around and work with would be Mike Skinner from The Streets. That's my homie... I got into [UK grime style] back in 2003, I was already twenty something... I was older than Dizzee Rascal when he came out with his first album, but I could for sure say it played a big part in my career. We're here 10 years later and it's heavily influenced everywhere I see... It's the poppin shit to do right now.

Are there any Dallas artists you're into particularly?

In Dallas, I like Stubb A Lean. You didn't think I knew about Stubb A Lean, huh?... I never fail to disappoint with my wide range of musical knowledge. Stubb A Lean is probably like, the real Dallas. I don't know. But I like that one song he did, Stubb A Lean is tight, I fuck with him.

You're bringing your Bruiser Brigade protégé, Kitty, along on your first headlining tour this Summer. You seem to have a very protective, older brother kind of relationship with her. Do you plan to keep a watchful eye? At the end of the day, she's still young. She like to have fun and do shit, and I can't really watch that, you know? I'm old, I can't watch her. She's kinda turned up. At South By Southwest, I didn't see her one time. She's doing her thing, as long as she does her job, I have no problem.

What was it about Kitty that made you want to bring her on as an artist? The stuff she was doing was just genuine. I like music more so when it's made from the heart, rather when it's being done to try to impress somebody, you know? She's just doing her. And Stubb A Lean's just doing him. You know what I'm saying? I'm just doing me. That comes across. I can't really think of nobody else that's just doing them, but her... so brutally honest.

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