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Danny Rush Introduces His Danny Diamonds Persona to the Violitionist Sessions

You could probably refer to Danny Rush with just about whatever surname you want to at this point. That's pretty well what he's started doing. Many know him through his musical exploits in Denton as Danny Folmer, some as Danny Rush, and nowadays he calls himself Danny Diamonds. We just, of course. Through his work with bands like the Paper Chase and the Designated Drivers, Rush has established himself as a uniquely gifted, if sometimes enigmatic, songwriter over the years.

Naming aside, Rush has a new record out, the self-titled "debut" for Mr. Diamonds, and it's pretty great. (More on that record in this space tomorrow.) There's also a new Violitionist session out that features Rush and his band, in which he manages to kill two birds with one stone: He breaks down some of the naming confusion and tears through a handful of new songs. Check out the video after the break.

See also: Jeff Ryan's Myopic Appears in New Violitionist Sessions Video Watch: Vulgar Fashion's Violitionist Session Shot as usual in the Civil Recording studio in Denton by Macaroni Island chief Michael Briggs with a adjoining interview from Brent Frishman, this latest Violitionist runs through a few new Diamonds tracks: "Hot Summer," "Give Up" and "Like Life." (The titles alone should help indicate the sorts of emotional contradictions that bring Rush's work to life.)

Beyond explaining that Rush is, indeed, his birth name and that the "Diamonds" moniker came about from a tour with This Will Destroy You, Rush also delves into his inspirations as a songwriter, his time working with the Designated Drivers, and his thoughts on the Denton music scene, which has predominantly been his musical home throughout the years.

There's also a reference to made Diamonds' recent music video for "Hot Summer," which was directed to former Observer staffer and current contributor Daniel Rodrigue. It, too, is a real gem.

You can check out the entire Violitionist session at violitionist.com Check back here on DC9 tomorrow for a full profile of Rush and his new Danny Diamonds record.

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