Darlington Doesn't Like Our Sex Jokes

Well shucks. Darlington wasn’t too thrilled with my posting in which I made a play on words that he sleeps around. In fact, he found it so not funny that I received the following e-mail from him today (sic of course):

>>> darlington@darlingtonsex.com 12/06/07 11:32 PM >>>

"Apparently, local musician Darlington likes to sleep around. At least he admits that in Monday's Washington Post article about musician mom, Barbara Jones.

If you?'d like him in your bed, ask him this Friday"

i do have a sense of humour. if it was meant as a joke- it's not even funny, just boring and stupid.if it's meant as a shot at me- i do find it funny that you'd find me that important to you to take a shot at me.

however, dear mrs. jones doesn't deserve the mudslinging. she gives bands a place to crash on the road. she doesn't sleep with them.

at least the Washington post wrote an actual STORY with facts, instead of making a big joke out of the subject matter, or attempting to. trying to use sexual innuendos to make up for poor journalismmaybe, or lack of anything worthwhile to write about? c'mon.

just another reason why people look at the observer as a tabloid rag instead of what could be an alternatiive to the morning news. i know the observer is free, but don't you think your readers want something more? or at least the effort for something better? you should take a little pride in your jobs up there. instead of trying to make bad jokes about someone like me noone gives a toss about anyway, try doing something positive and good for this community. you'll catch way more flies with honey than vinegar.

there's alot more to local musicians and the bands that played that show than a bad joke about yours truly. they all deserved better too.

i hope you take the friendly constructive criticism and try a little harder for something better next time

merry xmas.

So I wanted to thank Darlington for taking the time to send his concerns. I merely posted the item as a note of interest that one of our local musicians got a quick mention in an outside paper as opposed to making any kind of joke or slinging any kind of mud. I’m a clean freak anyways. We love our guys getting attention where they can. As for the sexual innuendo, I would hate it so if that was deemed as a cover-up for my “poor journalism.”

For more on Darlington, visit his site at DarlingtonSex.com. -- Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.