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Dave Brubeck, Ray Wylie Hubbard and More of Last Week's Top Sellers at Local Record Stores

This is not your everyday top 100 Bilboard list. Each week, we'll tell you what bands are selling in the fine record shops in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, where we consumers of music have impeccable taste.

Kicking off this roundup are last week's top ten albums at CD Source and Bill's Records, both in Dallas. Coming off a wonderful performance on Letterman, local Ray Wylie Hubbard did well at Bill's. Not much consensus emerged this time around, with only acoustic histrionic aficionados Mumford & Sons and fuzzy rock duo The Black Keys appearing on both stores' lists.

One of the more surprising best-sellers at CD Source last week was Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day. "They did a number of appearances on TV to promote the release of their CD/DVD package so I think that definitely helped them out," says Owner Lance Price. "Zeppelin is one of the band's I grew up with, so it's great to see they are as popular as ever."

Zeppelin wasn't the only legend beating out the new releases last week.

"Dave Brubeck's album was released in the late '60s and it is one of my favorite jazz albums," says Price. "His death was a tragedy, but I'm glad to see that his album has picked back up and is selling well."

CD Source's Top 10:

1. Fun - Some Nights

2. Of Monsters & Men - My Head is an Animal

3. Dave Brubeck - Time Out

4. Black Keys - El Camino

5. Alt-J - An Awesome Wave

6. Rihanna - Unapologetic

7. Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day

8. Sarah Jaffe - Body Wins

9. Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

10. Mumford & Sons - Babel

Bill's Records Top 10:

1. Ben Harper - By My Side

2. Gary Clark Jr - Blk & Blu

3. Ray Wiley Hubbard - Grifter's Hymnal

4. Sarah Jaffe - Body Wins

5. Mumford & Sons - Babel

6. Avett Brothers - Carpenter

7. Civil Wars - Barton Hallow

8. Black Keys - El Camino

9. Alabama Shakes - Boys and Girls

10. Rodriguez - Cold Fact

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