Days of Denton: Sundress Releases First Single Off "Debut" EP, Sunnybrook Releases Free EP

Speaking of albums produced by Matt Pence: The Denton dreamscapers in Sundress have a new album on the way -- their "debut" EP, if you're pretending that their 2010 EP, Fever, never happened, which the band apparently is doing. The six-track self-titled affair won't be out until August, though. But the band's being kind enough to let fans of their groovy, Radiohead-like ways get a sneak peak of the new stuff. Today, they've released the third track off the EP for free download. Called "Derelict," the song isn't a terribly huge departure for the band -- not like some of the other tracks on the EP that we here at DC9 have been fortunate enough to hear. It's reminiscent of the band's early material -- from back when they were called This Old House and then, briefly, ODDYSSEY, Still, it's a keeper, for sure. Grab it after the jump, then catch the band tomorrow night at Hailey's in Denton.

Also after the jump, you'll find the latest, just-released EP from Pitchfork darling Sunnybrook. Called Humble Hops, this EP's a little bit of a departure for Paul North's project -- a little less "sunny," even. Still, another nice notch in the prolific soundscapers' belt.

Sunny days in Denton are just the best, huh?

Sundress -- "Derelict"

Sunnybrook -- Humble Hops EP

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