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Wow. You guys are on top of stuff. I've been getting emails this morning wanting to know when I was going to blog about Jonanna Widner leaving the Observer. I was waiting until everyone at the office was in the loop, but, hey, the cat's out of the bag. Things aren't going to be changing all that much here on DC-9. I'll continue editing the blog alone until a new music editor is hired. In the last few weeks we've started adding more voices on this blog, and we're going to continue adding writers to give more diversity here. As always, if you know of something important going on in our scene, tell me. I'll make sure word gets out. -- Chelsea Ide

UPDATE (Nov. 20): While I have no intention of getting into personnel issues on the blog, I would be remiss if I didn't let you all know that former music editor Jonanna Widner has posted what she calls her "final column" over on Boca Tinta. In it she shares her feelings about being fired from the Observer and details her interview with Sondre Lerche. -- Chelsea Ide

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