DC9 at Night Mixtape with Gina G

Gina G is a relative newcomer to the DJ scene, but unlike many of her young counterparts she he has come to the craft through the old-school method of vinyl. With a gifted ear for deep cuts that betray her youth, Gina is most often seen at Crown & Harp as part of the Deep Shade crew. She delivered a deep and varied techno set for this week's DC9 Mixtape that speaks volumes more about her as a DJ than any Q&A.

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DC9 at Night: How did you get started DJing? How long have you been at it?

Gina G: I have always have had a passion for music and began collecting vinyl in 2010. [One summer] towards the end of grad school I purchased two turntables and began to DJ at local house parties. In the summer of 2011 I guest DJed with Gavin Guthrie at Rubber Gloves in Denton. It was supposed to be just a one-off thing, but soon grew to a weekly gig deemed "Whatever Wednesdays." I now have been DJing for around 4 years.

Is there a particular theme for the track selection?

I didn't intentionally create the mix with a preconceived theme; my only idea was that I wanted to approach the mix from a different angle then usual. I didn't want the mix to begin banging from the beginning. My main concern was setting the mood, tension and finally the release. It was quite a task to build a selection for this mix while keeping within those chosen parameters. I experienced a long inner grapple during the programming of this mix. The path of the tracks was setup to create a perpetual growth of energy for the listener.

Do you buy vinyl?

Yes, I purchase vinyl all the time; if not from local shops, from various online vendors. While traveling I always set aside a day or two to scout and scour local record stores. I think out-of-town digs are my favorite, only because you never really know what could possibly surface. I don't ever see myself from abstaining from purchasing vinyl. I am not concluding that I am a vinyl-playing purist; I have zero animosity towards the digital realm. I just whole-heartedly enjoy the tangible quality of a record.

Where do you dig for tracks for your sets?

I continuously dig at local record stores, such as Josey Records, Half Price Books, Forever Young and any local vinyl swap meets within the metroplex. Whenever I travel, as said before I always try and make it a priority to seek out the local record stores within the community. The Internet is also a viable and delightful source for seeking out specific coveted records. It creates an instant satisfaction.

What is your involvement with Deep Shade and how did that come about?

It first began in 2012 with Gavin Guthrie, Chris Ackertz and myself. The three of us met through local gigs and online forums. We all shared the same affinity for vinyl, deep house, techno and electro. The three of us wanted to not only play tracks from the past, but we also wanted to share the modern side of house and techno. Although we like a lot of the same tunes and artists, we each have our own distinct taste in tunes.

What artists/producers have had a significant impact on you?

All R&B artists from the '80s and '90s had a major influence on me; the soul of the genre captured me and led me down the musical path. An electro creator from the recent past that has had a significant influence on me was LowFish, a techno/electro producer from Toronto. I would have never been introduced to electro/techno/house if it weren't for stumbling upon a used Lowfish CD while in high school. The sounds he used reminded me of the freestyle I used to enjoy listening to growing up in San Antonio. His album Eliminators was an extremely pivotal find.

What is your most memorable music experience of the past year?

While out of town, I walked into a venue and was greeted by Claro Intelecto's beautifully pieced together "Peace of Mind." This track till then I had only heard within my car or whilst playing the record myself. Hearing a track like this being played loudly and to the many was simply beautiful.

What other genres of music do you enjoy outside of dance music?

I've had many long affairs with various genres of music. I enjoy listening to many post-rock bands; the Mercury Program and Maserati are two of favorites. Classic dancehall I enjoy Augustus Pablo, Jah Thomas and King Tubby take me back to college in Denton. I'll also dabble in a little jazzy Oscar Peterson from time to time.

What gigs do you have coming up?

I have a monthly gig with Deep Shade every first Friday of the month at Crown & Harp. Next one up will be May 1!

Tracklist: 1. Sheila Chandra - Bone Crone Drone 1 2. Voices from the Lake - Velo do Maya 3. R.Rose - Onceless 4. Echo 106 - From Brunen to the Nile 5. Steffi - Power of Anonymity 6. Zyntax - I Love Your Fat A$$ 7. Sterac & Steve Rachmad - Astronotes 8. Morphology - Information Paradox 9. Kan3da - Gbg 10. Plant43 - Gj 1214B 11. Chromezone - Colonial Outpost 12. Versa Life - Below the Horizon 13. CRC - Vaskitsaherra E.R.P. Remix 14. Redshape- Atlantic


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