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DC9 at Night Mixtape with JWHO

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Jamie Seltzer, known to most around Dallas as JWHO, has been making the rounds around area DJ nights for the past few years as well as doing time with the Love Rich crew. Know for bass-heavy sets that pay homage to house and techno without fully subscribing to their dogma, he manages to ride the fine line of accessibility and underground. He recently partnered up with local vet Michael Todd for a residency they call Ellumental at the recently opened Red Light Lounge in Deep Ellum. JWHO was kind enough to give us a little insight into his process and what makes him tick as a DJ.

DC9 Mixtape #14: JWHO by Dc9mixtape on Mixcloud

DC9 at Night: How did you get started DJing?


It was around the year 1999. I had just finished college where I was studying music as a drummer/percussionist. I attended on a full scholarship, so three-quarters of my classes every day were music related. After two years straight of that I needed a break. It wasn't long into my break that I realized I still needed some sort of musical outlet. I had been listening to electronic music more and more while in college.

So getting into DJing was a natural progression from there?

I worked at a music store part-time and would pick up mix CD's from there as well as mixes rip mixes that my friends in college had. I had another part-time job and a friend from there was moving back home to California. He had to fit everything he owned into a Mustang convertible. Suffice to say, there was not room for the 2 pair of Technics 1200 MKIIs that he owned, so he was letting 1 pair go along with a pair of Ortofon DJ carts and a coffin, for $500. I bought that setup and borrowed the most BASIC mixer you could ever imagine from a friend, and thus the journey began!

Who are some of your favorite producers and DJ's?

Jimmy Edgar and anyone or anything on his Ultramajic imprint, French Fries, Bambounou, Justin Jay, Paul Woolford as himself or as Special Request, Audiojack, Boddika, Joy Orbison, KiNK, Dusky, Peverelist (aka Pev), Walker & Royce, Worthy, Wilfred Giroux, Basement Jaxx, Addison Groove, Bicep, Chris Lorenzo, Chris Malinchak, Erol Alkan, Daniel Avery, Four Tet, Heidi, Jesse Rose, Kowton, Last Japan, Maison Sky, Mak and Pasteman. To name a few [laughs].

Who have been some of your favorite touring DJs to share a bill with?

Back in the day I played a few of gigs with Chris Anderson, former owner of Chemistry Records out of Houston. Those were always fun. DJ Dan and Donald Glaude back in the day were fun as well. More recently Christian Martin, J. Phlip and of course Worthy, all three of the Dirtybird crew (sorry D.B.). Those guys (and girl) are all so down to earth and fun to hang with! I think it's because they come from humble beginnings and haven't forgotten that.

What other genres or artists do you like to spin or listen to outside of dance music?

I'm pretty eclectic. My record collection consists of dance music, disco, rock, hip-hop, rap, Latin, symphonic -- I could go on and on. Having studied music I learned to really appreciate it and that inspiration can come from literally anywhere!

How did your Ellumental night come about? What is the theme of the night?

Not only did I cut my teeth as a DJ in Deep Ellum, but the majority of my time living in Dallas since moving here in 2002 has been in Deep Ellum. The most recent stint [lasted] seven years up until last summer, coincidentally in the lofts located directly across the street from Red Light, the home of Ellumental. After years of watching developers try and fail to revive Deep Ellum, as I was on my way out last summer I could really tell that the initiative had picked up some steam and the area was finally on the verge of a comeback. I really wanted to get in early and get something started in the community that meant so much to so many people. My partner Michael Todd felt the same way.

So how did the plan go at first?

At first Michael and I tried a night called BOOM! (which is the name of the production company that I throw events under) at The Boiler Room on Elm Street. We both REALLY love that venue, and Tony and the rest of the crew at The Boiler Room were excellent to work with! Unfortunately that night never really got off of the ground. I think a lot of it had to do with the construction on Elm Street which made something as simple as finding a parking spot a monumental task.

Which led you to the Red Light Lounge?

On one of our last nights there, Tony introduced Michael and I to a friend of his sitting at the bar. That friend happened to be Leo [Del Hierro], one of the co-owners of the Lizard Lounge. Tony knew and believed in what we were trying to do and had previously put in a good word with Leo. Anyways, he made the introduction and left us to it. Leo began to talk to us about a new venture he was working on at the time and their vision for what would come to be Red Light. Likewise we expressed what we were all about and our vision. After another couple of conversations we all decided to give it a run!

How was this mix made? Is there a particular theme to the track selection

To record this mix I used 2 Pioneer CDJ400's and a Pioneer DJM500. There really is no particular theme to the mix, just tracks I really dig. Some are new, some a little older, but they're all tracks.

Do you have any other gigs coming up outside of your residency that you are excited about? 
 Two gigs actually, and they both happen to be on Halloween night. The Love Rich Halloween party at The Green Elephant is always a blast! This year our theme is "Drop Dead Disco." In its 12th year running strong, this event showcases a variety of talented, well known local DJs/producers. And then later that night I am really excited to be playing with headliner Kill Frenzy along with my close friends the Trillwave crew and Black Frames for the Nightmare at Red Light Halloween Party presented by Green Hat Productions and Afterdark Dallas Entertainment.

Tracklist: 1. 
KHLHI - Percussions 2. Four Tet - Buchla (Seven Davis Jr Remix) 3. Jaymo & Andy George - In My Way 4. Audiojack - Stay Glued feat Kevin Knapp (ZDS Remix) 5. Outputmessage - Pillars (Walker & Royce Remix)6. 6. Walker & Royce - Sister 7. Duke Dumont - Won't Look Back (Special Request 48hr Crack Session Remix) 8. J. Phlip - Say My Name
Beesmunt Soundsystem - Amsterdamn 808(Original Mix) 9. Chambry - Rub (Original Mix)

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.