DC9 in SPACE, Ep. 9: Damaged Good$

If you self-identify with the YouTube generation, you'll find the video here.

Devoted watchers will recall an inspired guest appearance on week seven's Sarah Jaffe video (right around the three-minute mark), from the folks across the street at Lucky's Tattoos. As Jaffe pointed out, they weren't half-bad, and we decided to bring them into the fold for this week's video with the hip-hop duo Damaged Good$.

Trak Bully (Theodore Beard, who also appears in the Observer's music section this week), and Coool Dundee (Chris Clark) made sure this video wouldn't be your typical strum-and-chat session. Instead, Coool wrangled Hal's camera away to shoot this opening scene himself, and Trak went under the needle, on-camera and mid-performance.

Watching these guys riff off one another is an impressive show of chemistry, and in the interview, they share a few thoughts on what fans can look forward to from their next album--like the new song "The Dopest Fliest" the guys perform toward the end of the clip. Most impressive of all, though, was Trak's performance from the tattoo chair, a model of coolness the whole time. Even after going over footage from two camera angles, we didn't see him wince even once.

This week's surprise guest performance gets rolling at 8 p.m., in the usual SPACE, 2814 Main St. You and a friend are, as always, more than welcome to swing by for the free performance.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.