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DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 10: Mount Righteous

Our weekly

video segments here on DC9

tend to be quieter, stripped-down affairs. But there wasn't a chance our tenth taping over at El Sibil was going to go that way last week--not with nine-piece

Mount Righteous

armed with with megaphones and a fresh batch of songs off the harder, "punkier" album they're putting out next month.

You'll hear it straight from the band in the video above, but their forthcoming self-titled release marks a very deliberate departure from the "cupcakes in the sky" feel of 2008's When the Music Starts and the Open Your Mouth EP they put out last fall. The Grapevine-based crew--sporting five of the band's original members in its current incarnation--has traded in the schoolyard sailor songs for a sound built to get crowds thrashing. In a quote that didn't make it into the finished video (and, for legal reasons, has since been destroyed) one of these guys jokes that they know they're doing something right if they're sending fans to the emergency room.

Sure, that may be more ammunition for the band's case against people who write the act off as "a bunch band geeks," a flip complaint the band says it got over a long time ago. As bass drum-wielding Joey Kendall puts it above, the band is proof there's no excuse for actual band geeks to leave their talent on the sidelines just because they don't play a typical rock instrument. "We should encourage and inspire people to do whatever it takes to get out there and conjure up energy at shows," he says.

You can see for yourself what they're talking about on Friday Night at Andy's Bar during NX35. Or again at Good Records, which is hosting the band's album release show on April 3.

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