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DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 15: Baruch the Scribe

Old fans of

Baruch the Scribe

might be surprised by what they hear in this week's video, shot last Wednesday out at El Sibil. As frontman Judson Valdez explains, his band flat-out doesn't do acoustic sets anymore. Why? Well, Valdez has filled in his project with three new faces since last summer, and they've taken a strong turn away from the earthy landscape Baruch used to live by. As Travis Oliver ventures to say above, it's "a little more rock and roll."

Valdez says the band reached this shoegazey, electronic space through a gradual evolution, though there was one point months ago where the band stepped back to settle on a new direction. Their set last week was almost completely comprised of yet-to-be-recorded material that's new since last summer's Evil Memories EP (which also featured a different lineup alongside Valdez).

As for the name? It is, yes, a Bible reference, as Valdez explains above. Faith is what guides his songwriting, he says, and what brings a hopeful twist to some otherwise down-beat lyrics. Like a number of Christian acts that avoid wearing their faith on their sleeves, Valdez says the band's not out to convert anybody--it's about reaching down for the most honest, personal lyrics he can muster.

Drop on by El Sibil (155 E. 5th St. in Oak Cliff) to catch our next live taping with another local band--we'll get rolling around 7 p.m. tonight. As always, tonight's taping is free to attend.

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