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DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 19: Dustin Cavazos

Pete's got plenty to say about Dustin Cavazos

in this week's paper--so do yourself a favor and check out his take on the Oak Cliff hip-hop artist's upward trajectory of late. Check out this week's video from El Sibil, though, to hear it all direct from Cavazos--between cuts from his live performance.

His production work, and his role as half of Scuba Team Go has something to do with his rise, but the release of his first full-length, I Think In The Shower, I Dream On My Bike (which, incidentally, he hand-delivered to fans who pre-ordered) is a major boost. As he told us during last week's live session, the album showcases Cavazos' earnest writing about his upbringing and his Waxahachie roots, set against simple beats. He'll explain a little about that album name in the video too--as you might imagine, it's a pretty straightforward story.

The first thing you'll notice about the video, though, is the unique backing band he's playing with: a handful of young musicians from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts. If you made it to Cavazos' release show, that setup will be familiar--a stripped-down instrumental sound, but bigger too with the full eight-piece band backing him up.

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