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DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 21: Lalagray

It's been a couple months since we served up a live performance video from out at El Sibil, but the release of



Devil's Nest

earlier this month inspired us to get back in the game, if only intermittently for now.

Pete's called the album "a confident collection of alternately cutesy pop jaunts and haunting, near-apocalyptic ballads," and, as on the record, it's hard to miss Ashley Myrick's charm in the video above, whether she's sitting behind the keyboard or chatting on the bench outside. This is a much simpler, stripped-down offering compared to the orchestra backing she had at her release show at La Grange, where she was joined all at once by nearly all the musicians who played on her album.

Once she's safely out of the way of falling set pieces, Myrick shares a few stories about how her album came together, from its start during her studio time with the rest of The Beaten Sea. And, while it's no "Hot Dog World," she does branch out a fair bit on one song here--which told us (before we edited it out) was at least partly a reference to the musical stylings of one David Schwimmer.


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