DC9 Live at El Sibil, Ep. 3: Jacob Metcalf

YouTube? Sure, right here.

Regular viewers will catch a few familiar faces in this week's video from El Sibil -- folks from The Beaten Sea and The Fox and the Bird are among the DC9 in Space vets who join in the act.

They're all there in support of Jacob Metcalf, the Arkansas native whose songs take center stage this week. With a humility that's characteristic of this group, Metcalf talks about the long incubation time for his songs, and why he doesn't consider himself a songwriter so much as a cut-and-paste artist working with scraps of his journal.

The tunes, as you'll hear, reach some sweeping folk heights, helped along by an off-the-cuff performance style that has the band playing with an assortment of horns and kazoos, cramped between two walls, and alongside a gray-bearded stranger who just happened to stroll by during the shoot.

We'll rest on the spontaneity of last week's shoot for a few weeks, taking a holiday break from our weekly tapings in Oak Cliff. We'll be back on December 30 for one last shoot in the old year. More details on that when the time comes.

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