Don't Know Where to Go in Deep Ellum? There's an App for That
screenshot by Danny Gallagher

Don't Know Where to Go in Deep Ellum? There's an App for That

Deep Ellum has so many events and shows taking place every night that it can be hard to keep track without the help of an insider or a cabal of street orphans who report the latest shows and concerts. But you no longer need to violate child labor laws with a Sherlock Holmes-esque street network to keep up. Deep Ellum now has its own information app for both iOS and Android mobile devices.

The free app provides virtual guides on all the places where visitors can get a bite to eat or something to drink, see live shows, buy vintage apparel or park their cars. The guide contains a fairly comprehensive list of all of Deep Ellum's culinary and entertainment destinations, complete with personalized descriptions (read the one for Braindead Brewing Co. to see just how personalized they can get) and contact and location information.

An "In the News" section is an aggregated list of stories from local and national news sources, including the one you're reading right now. If you're trying to find your way around Deep Ellum, the map can point you in the right direction. If you zoom in closely, you can see icons representing the different establishments.

There is also a calendar section for when you find yourself in Deep Ellum with no particular place to go. And there are a couple of added features that make this more than just a free virtual brochure for a downtown arts district that you'd just turn into litter if someone handed you a paper version on a street corner.

If you're not familiar with the neighborhood's layout and streets, you can mark where you've parked the car on a separate map section that takes you back to your vehicle when you're ready to head home. The app also has a tip calculator so you can properly compensate waitstaff even if you don't know how to multiply percentages on a traditional calculator.

The Deep Ellum app is available now for free on Apple's App Store and Google Play.

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