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Kettle Art’s Frank Campagna was kind enough to forward me the Deep Ellum Enrichment Project MySpace blog that updates the status of the Specific Use Permit requests under review for many Deep Ellum clubs and bars. I have some more to say about this, kids, but it requires some reporting, so you gotta wait. Meantime, the DEEP post is after the jump. It’s clear and sums everything up—keep up the good work guys, and to all those who were denied—you were robbed! –- Jonanna Widner

Zoning Commission Results for 11/01/2007 (draft)

As I mentioned in a bulletin previously, today was the day for six Deep Ellum establishments to go before the Dallas City Zoning Commission. The Commission was to to decide if the applicants would be fowarded to Dallas City Council to have their SUP (Specific Use Permit) reviewed. In this new cilimate in Deep Ellum, bars and clubs must have an SUP and if it gets denied it means their existence as a bar will cease.

Those who were denied today will not be allowed to exist in the capacity of a bar or dance club. Those who did get recommended for the City Council today are not out of the woods yet. Final approval is up to City Council's discretion.

Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer has an intersting post in his "Unfair Park" blog. Read the post when you get a chance and keep up with what he writes about this area--he's good.

The Zoning Commission has a member of staff review alll SUP applications before meeting about them. It is interesting to note, all venues received a staff recommended review, but the Zoning Commission did not approve them all. So, here are the results:

Curtain Club/Liquid

Asked for an extension and was granted one.

Monkey Bar

It was almost denied; its fate still hangs in the balance. One of the commission members motioned for an extension to allow the owner to collect more information and that motion was granted. There were four residents from the town homes behind it that spoke in opposition. The main complaint: noise. The building where the Monkey Bar existh has a history of being a bar that far predates the existence of those town homes: it was the Expo Lounge, once-upon-a-time.


Approved with no opposition and people did speak on their behalf.


TomCat's was denied. A couple of people spoke in opposition, a couple of people on behalf, including members of DEEP. Many negative things were said about it with little facts behind it: allegations of drug, guns, violence and loud rock music--not to mention the unsavory characters (sounds like a fun place to me). Oh, did I mention they said it didn't look pretty? And we can't forget the crying elderly woman that presented herself at the podium--difficult to beat that. The funny thing is: it only had eight incidents reported to the police in five years. I am not sure if they will appeal--I encourage them to do so.

Red Blood Club

Approved to go before the Dallas City Council with no opposition. Many spoke on their behalf; several affiliated with DEEP did too, including Frank Campagna and his daughter Amber. Frank has been a member of the Deep Ellum community since 1982. He is owner (along with Kirk) and proprietor of Kettle Art. He and crew were responsible for the "TunnelVision" artwork that perished this year with the tunnel (which the city approved, of course)

Red Blood still has to be approved by the Council. There is no guarantee they will, but it seems likely. And if they get approved, they will have to renew it in a year or two. I wouldn't get too comfortable; there are bigger plans at work here--I'll talk more on that later....

Club One

Shelley had two hearings in front of two different commissions. First was her after hours dance hall permit (allows her to stay open til 4 AM). The second hearing was what everyone else there was seeking: approval to go to before the City Council to have their SUP (Specific Use Permit) reviewed.

The after hours permit was denied and I believe that takes effect almost immediately (not tonight though). She was also denied to go before the City Council for approval to remain a bar/dance club. Many people spoke on her behalf; four or five, most of them affiliated with DEEP. Lord Byron, who spawned Panoptikon and spins on that night, spoke on her behalf too. He has been very supportive of Deep Ellum for a long time. He also supports DEEP and attends our meetings as his heavy travel schedule allows.

At this point, it is not really clear when Club One's SUP denial takes effect. She is going to appeal and she thinks she will be allowed to stay open until then, but it is unclear. If you love you some Panoptikon, best go see her tonight.

Close to twelve people affiliated with DEEP attended the Zoning Commission. We thank everyone for coming out--it was a very long meeting. Thanks to Benny for coming out too. He manages several of the parking lots here and is owner of Benny's Food Mart on Main (make sure and check him out).

I have much more to say on all this and the "new vision" of Deep Ellum, including those quotes I promised last Dallas City Council meeting (and audio to back them up). It will have to be this weekend though; I am headed to Panoptikon.


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