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Denton Rapper Billie Band$ Didn't Think the Viral Picture of His Puppy Was That Intriguing

How incredible would it be if dogs were toilet trained? There would be no getting up, putting on their leash and being forced to go outside for “fresh air” or whatever the preferred euphemism. Denton musician Ace Hampton and his dog aren’t quite there, but almost. Hampton’s dog, Pablo, at least knows how to clean up his mess — and gain internet fame for his trouble.

Hampton tells us while his friend was watching Pablo one day, she left and put the puppy in the bathroom. Because the dog is only three months old (and was probably scared to be locked in a bathroom), he pissed on the floor.

And then he cleaned it up.

With toilet paper.

The dog allegedly (no one was actually there during the scene of the crime) grabbed some toilet paper in his mouth (we imagine) and covered up his pee mess.

Who’s a good boy?

A picture was snapped and Hampton tweeted it out on Thanksgiving Day. Within about 30 minutes, it had nearly 1,000 retweets and Twitter parody accounts were stealing the image, says Hampton, who has since been featured on Buzzfeed and CNN.

“I personally didn’t even think it was that intriguing,” Hampton tells us. “I guess that it is very, very uncommon, though.”

Hampton even made a Twitter account for Pablo, who has 1,312 followers as of press time, and who tweets Hampton things like this:
Hampton is a rapper in Denton, who goes by the stage name Billie Band$ (formerly Ace Young’n), and also the CEO of GoldMindz Entertainment, a company that puts on events, concerts and “big college parties and things of that nature.” He’s opened for Waka Flocka and just recently ended a tour across several states. He says he plans to release another music video and, we hope, potty train Pablo.

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