Denton's Brave Combo To Provide Theme, Score For PBS' First Animated Prime Time Series

Click and Clack, the Boston brothers Magliozzi behind the NPR show Car Talk (aired weekly on 90.1 KERA-FM), are the subjects of As The Wrench Turns, PBS' first-ever animated prime-time series, which is set to premiere on July 9. Sure. Why not? That's kind of cool.

But, um, the local angle?

Ah: The theme song for the show comes courtesy of Denton's own Grammy-winning polka-rockers, Brave Combo. It's the band's take on "The William Tell Overture." Check it out:

Brave Combo's music, as well as other scores from band leader Carl Finch, will also serve as the soundtrack for the show. Pretty phenomenal pairing if you ask me. --Pete Freedman

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