Denton's Daniel Folmer Has Two New Depressing-Sounding Albums In The Works For 2008

Prolific Denton-based indie popster Daniel Folmer is set to finish another two new albums in the coming weeks, which means 2008 is going to be just as busy for Folmer as 2007 when he released the slacker, caffeine-addicted Wear Headphones and the more mature and polished Gloria.

So, what should you expect from these discs? Well, Folmer discloses that one of the new efforts will be called A Leaf and that it was inspired by a short and intense romantic affair with a 28-year-old Turkish dance instructor who was visiting Dallas.

“The album is all about the discovery of new and unused impulses that seemed to be long gone, new neurotransmitters that I figured were long burnt out,” says Folmer.


Folmer says the album inspired by the dancer still needs four or five new tracks that he will record later this month. The other disc, Dead End, is a collection of tracks recorded by John Congleton at his studio in November of 2007 and is set for a mid-May release. Says Folmer: “It is a melancholy and occasionally spiteful tribute to my closest friends/girlfriend leaving Denton and emigrating to Portland and Europe.”

Sounds positively uplifting! No, seriously, Folmer has a way of taking pain and making it palatable for those wary of wallowing alongside him as he battles those inner demons. We'll be keeping an eye on these. -- Darryl Smyers

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.