Denton's Sextape Is Getting Hot.

Without question, Sextape has more momentum than most acts in Denton. The duo of Marcus Webb and Jennifer Wohlrab has created some pretty organic stirrings with their mere two song releases to date, "Lubricated Intimacy" and "Parsimonia," and their live performances have only helped their cause.

Sometimes compared to Dallas acts Ishi and HOYOTOHO (which Webb says he doesn't really mind), Sextape's sound is melodic, analog synth-heavy and deliberately lo-fi, with Wohlrab's voice capable of capturing that sought-after italo quality that many electro bands strive for.

"She's more of the composition, and I'm more of the production," Webb says. "It's a natural division of the work."


Marcus Webb

The pair got their start in production working with Avery Williamson from Fizzy Dino Pop, and, using a combination of Ableton Live and hardware synthesizers, they have created a workflow and environment that are personal and customized to their sound.

"We're very digital people," Webb says, adding that the band uses analog instruments, but controls and processes them through the computer.

With both members collaborating on the production of the tracks, the two divide the work according to their own talents. Whereas Webb readily discusses the technical aspects of their setup, both live and in-studio, Wohlrab seems more apt to discuss the creative aspects of songwriting.

"I get more bored with the time the production takes," Wohlrab says, matter-of-factly.

The statement is indicative of the dynamic the band has created. And now they have added a third member, Tesh Cwalino, to play drums for live performances.

Currently, the band is working on a pair of EPs, one called Temporal and the other called Frequency, which they say should be out within the year.

"It's kind of a double EP, but we're going to release them separately," says Webb. "We already have the core songs. It's just the mastering that's happening."

The mastering for Temporal, which is being done by FUR's Gray Saint Germain Gideon, should be completed by April. Webb also released a CD-R single last week, to help build upon the band's unofficial showcase performances at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin—just something, Webb says, "to start developing interest for the EP."

Sextape played twice, on March 16 and 18, in Austin. Now that the band is back home in Denton, expect to hear more from them, as a means of further capitalizing on their momentum, both inherent and gained at these March festivals.

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