Concert Reviews

Depeche Mode in Fair Park: Reliving My First Concert with My Mom, 12 Long Years Later

On July 17, 2001 my mom took me to see Depeche Mode. I had just turned 12 years old, and it was my first concert. By the time we walked up First Avenue to what was then called the Smirnoff Music Center, my palms were already sweaty and my feet already hurt, because I had insisted on wearing a pair of black knee-high gogo boots from an old Halloween costume. Mama glided along next to me in a floor length black skirt and Victorian granny boots. The chains on her custom leather bondage belt jingled as she walked. She looked just like Siouxsie Sioux, and I remember hoping that one day I'd be at least half as cool as she was. I realize now that no one will ever be.

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Vanessa Quilantan