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Despite Earlier Reports, Tonight's Benefit Show Featuring Prince and Erykah Badu Is Still On -- And Tickets Are Now Significantly Cheaper

Lots going on today with tonight's benefit concert for the Goss-Michael Foundation, featuring Prince and Erykah Badu. After initially being scheduled to take place in a tent that was to be erected at the old Reunion Arena location and moved to Addison's InterContinental Hotel, a press release this morning announced that the show, called TheEvent, had been canceled due to a lack of funds.

Only an hour or so passed after that news settled in, though, before another press release came out, denouncing the original, and claiming that the show, indeed, would go on.

Perhaps the most important new detail, though, is this one -- not the fact that the show is still going on, but that tickets are still available and going at a far cheaper clip than the original $1,500 a head tag applied to these tickets.

In fact, now you can get into the show for half the cost...

Tickets to the show are now available for two-for-one purchase at the same $1,500 tag. In other words: You pay $1,500, you get two tickets.

Go here, and enter the word "purple" in the promo code entry filed. Why purple? C'mon, son!

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