DJ Scott McCullough Remembers Trying to See Pearl Jam Back When They Fought Ticketmaster

If you've been to a themed DJ night like The Lollipop Shoppe or The Smoke, chances are good you either saw Scott McCullough DJing or dancing on the floor. 

These days, he does a regular Wednesday night gig at La Grange called The Thing?, showcasing plenty of Northern soul along with garage rock, surf, blues, rockabilly and novelty songs. Basically: You might hear Gene Moss's "I Want to Bite Your Hand" on the same night as the b-side to Gloria Jones' "Tainted Love."

We caught up with McCullough recently to talk about his first show experiences, including a legendary band you might have heard of that recently called it quits. And he distinctly remembers when Pearl Jam stood up to Ticketmaster.

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What was the first show you remember seeing? Were you with your parents?
My grandfather would take me to bluegrass festivals when I was real young -- around 10 -- but my first show was seeing R.E.M. on the Monster tour at Starplex. My friend Heath and I were crazy about going to concerts in high school. He would always come up with these tickets and I never paid -- just gas money. Much later I learned that he was "borrowing" his Dad's credit card. 

What was the first show you remember paying to see? 
The first show I paid for was Pearl Jam in Austin. It was '95 and they were at war with Ticketmaster over ticket prices and they ended up canceling the show. We went through a scalper and never did get a full refund. The first one I actually saw and paid for was White Zombie on the Astro Creep tour. When the lights went out for Zombie, everyone from the stands jumped the railing and ran to the front. I was already on the floor and got nearly trampled. Good times. 

What can you remember about the first time you DJ'd to a crowd? 
It was a Halloween party and I had all these great rockin' Halloween novelty 45s and all anyone wanted to hear was Thriller. Which, of course, I played, Vincent Price intro and all. 

What can you remember about the first The Thing? 
Bob and his keyboard were there, and he wanted hear some Elvis. When Elvis went on, he was getting everyone to dance with him. And La Grange has some good tasting tacos.

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