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Double Wide Owner Plans to Reopen Winedale Tavern as The Single Wide

On Saturday, March 12, Lower Greenville dive The Winedale Tavern would have turned 26-years-old.

But, just days before its birthday, the bar's owners shuttered the doors and closed for business. In three weeks' time, though, the doors will be open again -- and this time it will be called The Single Wide.

The people behind Madison Partners, the owner of the building that housed The Winedale, were quick to contact Double Wide owner Kim Finch about opening a bar in the unoccupied space. Little wonder that they turned to her, given Double Wide's incredible show of support during their 2010 SUP hearings: "They were shocked at how many people showed up in our favor," Finch says. "They said that had not happened before."

She's hoping to develop the same sort of devoted neighborhood crowd at The Single Wide on Lower Greenville that Double Wide already has in Deep Ellum. And she plans on doing so by updating the space to look and feel pretty similar to Double Wide.

"It will be along the same lines as Double Wide -- a comfortable, laid-back neighborhood bar," Finch says. "You'll definitely see a lot of similarities." 

Those similarities, she says, won't get in the way of how the Winedale used to be, though.

The Single Wide will have the same relaxed feel that the Winedale had, and in about three weeks, after minor repairs and updates are made, the public will get to see for themselves. Finch is hoping to tap into the success that the Winedale had at one point. 

"I hope I'm that successful," she says. "I don't know of another place that's been open that long."

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