Dove Hunter Album About A Month Away; Calhoun's Is Kinda Ready Now

Dove Hunter, trying out for Pants Off Dance Off. (Lee Setty)

Two Stuart Sikes-produced local discs were showcased at The Barley House on Friday night when Dove Hunter and Fort Worth's Calhoun shared a bill, playing to a fairly packed house.

The big news wasn't the performance, though. Rather, it was in the news the bands shared that night.

Calhoun's disc (which also boasts album art from Sikes' wife) is finished, and though the band was selling copies of the as-yet-not-officially released album at its merch table, guitarist/keyboard player Jordan Roberts says the band won't officially release the disc for at least a little while. Currently, they're testing the independent label waters, waiting to hear back about potential deals that could be out there for them. Not a bad plan when you've already got a Universal distribution deal to fall back on. We'll keep you posted there.

Dove Hunter guitarist/vocalist Jayson Wortham, meanwhile, says his band's disc should be ready for release in a month or so. The band just finished recording and mixing the disc and, at the moment, it's off getting mastered somewhere. We here at the Observer are hotly anticipating this disc, so we'll keep you posted here, too. -- Pete Freedman

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