Download: Doug Burr Performs Songs From O Ye Devastator For Daytrotter

Seems like Daytrotter has recently taken a liking to North Texas bands.

Last week, the Chicago-based website featured a live session from Old 97's that sounded like the soundtrack to a bar-room-brawl.

This week, though, they're mellowing things out a bit with a session from Doug Burr, who performed four of O Ye Devastator's most solemn, peaceful songs for your downloading pleasure, accompanied, as always, by his trusty sideman, Glen Farris.

The session caps off one of Burr's biggest years as a musician. 2010 saw him dive into a full-time music career after the release of O Ye Devastator -- his fourth and most-produced record.

The songs on the session, however, are stripped down to the bare minimum -- just Burr's vocal and a guitar. But the feeling of loneliness and melancholy synonymous with Burr's tunes translates just the same, if not, even more...

Sean Moeller, the man responsible for the copy accompanying the Daytrotter session, accurately described Burr's music as the perfect soundtrack to sitting in an empty house as the daylight beams through the windows and into the room.

Works for us.

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