Download Exit 380's New Song, "Moonshiner Run," and Help Fight Cancer While Doing So.

Exit 380's intentions aren't always clear--and, really, let's face it, the band's recent EP release, Cities Townies EP earlier this year didn't really help matters. Are they trying to be the next Alice in Chains? Or are they trying to head down a more country/folk rock path better suited to their strengths? It's tough to say. And, actually, that was kind of the point of Cities Townes--the band wanted to showcase both sides of its material, with the word Cities referring to its more rocking fare, and Townies referring to its more backwoods offering.

There's no doubting the band's intentions in its work with Artists Supporting a Cure for Cancer Now, though.

Starting today, the band is releasing a new track, called "Moonshiner Run," as a download through ASCC Now's web site. The band and ASCC Now, which aims to "promote awareness of orphaned cancers, and raise money for their research," have joined forces to launch the organization's new Donate to Download program. The program finds bands offering up songs as exclusive releases to ASCC Now's site, and allows fans to purchase those songs for a $3, charitable donation.

You can go download "Moonshiner Run," and help a good cause while you're at it, by clicking your browsers right here.

And, yes, as the name of the song implies, the song is more along the line of the band's country side--you can stream it on Exit 380's blog for a free taste. The song, which will also appear on the band's planned 2011 release, Townies, is among the best offerings we've yet heard from the band. Given the name of the new disc, it seems as if we can expect a whole record of this kind of fare from the band come early next year.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.