Download: Free Dirtnap Records Sampler Features Four Denton Bands. Of Course.

Speaking of Bad Sports: Back in January, you may recall, we told you the story of how Portland's Dirtnap Records became the go-to label for Denton punk rock -- a tale that dates back to 2003, when Dirtnap main man Ken Cheppaikode first came across the patriarchs of the current Denton punk scene, The Marked Men. The love story's continued on ever since, with Dirtnap releasing a grand total of 10 albums from Denton-based acts over that eight-year stretch.

"We used to be very focused on the Northwest," Cheppaikode told us back in January. "At this point, though, we're going more for a certain sound and aesthetic. And, as far as that sound goes, the Dallas, Denton and Fort Worth area is at the very top."

Indeed. And, today, there's more proof of as much: Dirtnap's posted a free, downloadable sampler release of songs from its catalog; to little surprise, four of the 11 tracks come from Denton products (Bad Sports, Mind Spiders, High Tension Wires, The Marked Men).

They're all pretty great songs, too -- and not just the Denton ones. Really: Get on board with Mean Jeans ASAP. Get on board with all of these bands, really. Dirtnap's putting out some of the best classic punk rock and power-pop that you'll find anywhere these days.

Grab the free download right here. Then bask in the three-chord glory.

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