Download: "Julianne" by The Crash That Took Me

Erv Karwelis of Idol Records tells us that he's going to try and take The Crash That Took Me beyond the Dallas market y getting the song "Julianne" onto those call-in-and-vote-if-you-like-this-track shows in various radio market around the country. Should be an interesting effort--while we certainly wish the Crash and Erv luck, this isn't exactly the type of thing you hear on the radio these days...

Nonetheless, we've got your back, readers. Not only are we posting the music video for "Julianne"...

...but Idol's also allowing you to download the track here, for free. Check it:

"Julianne" by The Crash That Took Me

"Julianne" by The Crash That Took Me

Boo-yah. -- Pete Freedman

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