Download: New, Free Tracks From The Gritz, Damaged Good$, Bethan and Parquet Courts

Speaking of Erykah Badu: R.C. Williams, who spends most of his days on the road, touring either as Badu's band director or as a member of Snoop Dogg's live backing band, returned to town and to his regular duties as the host of the hip-hop/funk jam session that takes place at the Prophet Bar on each Wednesday night.

It was a good time, too -- still the best-keep secret in town, far as we here at DC9 are concerned -- and especially so on this night, as Williams and his bandmates in his own band, The Gritz, were joined on stage by a number of guests, including Dallas rapper Big Hud, who quietly released the pretty great free-to-download mixtape The Benchmark earlier this year.

Hud was there for a specific reason on this night, though: He and The Gritz were celebrating the release of their new collaborative single, "Summer Boo," which they performed together live for the first time on this night. It's a smooth, R&B track -- pretty great, too, which isn't altogether surprising since it was co-produced by Williams and regular Badu producer Jah Born. The song's part of a new album from Williams slated to come out, he says, later this fall.

Better yet, the band's been kind enough to let DC9 pass the track along to our readers as a free download. Grab it after the jump -- along with a few other new, noteworthy tracks from the likes of Damaged Good$, Bethan (the new project from Jessi James, formerly of Novaak) and Parquet Courts (the latest project from the minds behind Teenage Cool Kids and Fergus & Geronimo).

Bonus MP3:

The Gritz -- "Summer Boo (feat. Big Hud)"

Bonus MP3:

Bethan -- "Vague"

After getting fairly soundscape-y with Novaak, Jessi James is taking a new route, artier with her new project, called Bethan, which finds her working with New York producer Roger Greenawalt, the same dude known for "discovering" Ben Kweller apparently. This is the first song from their collaboration, which James will debut live with a performance at Dada on Friday, September 9. Looking forward to that, for sure.

Bonus MP3:

Damaged Good$ -- "HOODRAT $HT"

This is one of many standout tracks from a new, far angrier and darker Damaged Good$ release called the Kickin Teef EP. Yes, it's different. But it's just good to have these guys -- the first of the new wave of impressive hip-hop duos around town -- back in the fold. Download the new EP for free here.

Parquet Courts -- "Other Desert Cities"

As if Andrew Savage and his pals weren't busy enough with their other projects, they've started yet another. Still, this is promising stuff from this group of musicians' latest incarnation. Grab another free track here. (Hat tip.)

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