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Drake - Gexa Energy Pavilion - 5/16/12

Drake Gexa Energy Pavilion Wednesday, May 16

Q: How Many Writers Does It Take To Review a Drake Concert?

In the span of Drake's set last night, I felt alternately excited, flummoxed and bored, which is sort of the trajectory of the first month or so of a doomed relationship, where you're waiting for the other person's flaws to all come tumbling out, but you're "having fun" in the meantime.

Why does Drake flummox me so? Is it the faux-nice guy posturing? The jokes that we're not sure are jokes or some sharper knife he's digging in? There's that line in "Dreams Money Can Buy," where he tells his lady, "We got company coming over, would it kill you to put some pants on," which at first struck me as funny, but then I wondered if it was an insult.

I didn't dislike Take Care, it felt a little more existential than your typical modern rap album. Live, you could see Drake as the theater kid. His dance moves were awkward and dramatic, and his energy was appealing. The "I see you" part took up nearly half an hour, though I did laugh when he told that one girl her leopard print dress looked like curtains his mom had. Zing. Flummoxed again.

The "I see you" bit: Hunter, you mentioned that, as tiresome as it was, when he finally got over to our side of the crowd, you wanted to him to see you. Why is that? What were your thoughts?

And Shahryar, you're a bigger fan than either of us. What did you think? - Audra Schroeder

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