Early Look: Play-N-Skillz-Coached Episode of MTV's Made Set To Air Tomorrow Afternoon

Juan and Oscar Salinas, the Grammy-winning production duo and brothers behind the Play-N-Skillz moniker, have a lot going on these days: a lawsuit against Lil Wayne; a recently released mixtape and single (with Bun B) to promote; a new mixtape on the way; a celebratory Mavericks song to tout; even a new tequila deal to spread the word on.

And yet, somehow, they've also found some time to serve as coaches to two aspiring young songwriters while filming an episode of MTV's Made.

No, it's not quite the in-development reality show they told us they had in the works back in October -- that's still potentially on the way, though -- but it's still a nice get for the brothers, nonetheless, as they spend their time as coaches trying to improve their young students' craft and score them a potential record deal in the process.

Their episode makes its debut tomorrow at 3 p.m. CST on MTV. Right this very second, though, you can watch a five-minute sneak peek of the episode, which is largely set in the brothers' Deep Ellum recording studio. It's well worth the watch, too; seeing both Play and Skillz chew out teenage girls about not working hard enough is high comedy, indeed. Only way it could be better is if they threatened to shut down the studio.

Check the MTV-provided sneak peek out after the jump.

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