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Eight People Shot During Rival Gang Tiff at a Rap Battle in North Dallas Night Club

Not all open-mic rap competitions are as friendly as the ones down in Deep Ellum these days, apparently: Multiple guns were reportedly fired and eight different people were injured by gunfire late on Friday night during a "Rap-Off Contest" taking place at Rolls Royce Club in North Dallas, near the intersection of Skillman Street and Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway.

According to police reports, the gunshots began at roughly 2:15 in the morning, right before a 22-year-old from Addison named Christopher Kirksey was set to go on stage and perform. Before he got the chance, however, another club patron in line began arguing with him -- and then shoved him -- before pulling out a handgun, shooting Kirksey three times and then turning his gun onto the crowd.

Kirksey and seven others, some in critical condition, were later transported to Baylor Hostpial for treatment.

Police reports say the incident was the result a confrontation between members of rival gangs, the Garland Gang and the Bonton Gang. They also identify the initial gunman and a second shooter, who also fired his gun inside the club, as members of the Bonton Gang (a subsidiary of the Bloods). Police also seized drugs upon arrival at the scene, according to reports.

The status of the shooting victims is unknown at this point, and police have yet to make any arrests in connection with the shooting.

The Dallas Morning News reports that the gunmen fled the scene in a Hyundai Sonata.

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