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Eric Pulido, Midlake Guitarist and Jack of All Trades, Formally Takes on Public Speaking

Anyone who has ever seen Midlake in concert knows that guitarist and harmony-man Eric Pulido is a pretty funny guy. In fact, at some shows, he lightens the mood by working what seems like a miniature stand-up routine into the set.

So it's safe to say that he's earned the role as the band's main spokesman. And all that talking has done him some good -- he's become a really good speaker. The evidence is in the video posted after the jump, in which Pulido accepts the 2010 Mojo award for Best Live Act on behalf of his bandmates. In the video, he mentions that they've never won anything before -- not even in their hometown. We're pretty sure that's not how it went down at past Dallas Observer Music Awards, but, alas, it's a funny bit. (Although, in Pulido's defense, the 2010 DOMAs did take place after the 2010 Mojo Awards... proving once and for all that we're a bunch of bandwagon jumpers, I guess.]

So, it's no wonder that Pulido has landed himself a few speaking engagements in the near future. He'll be speaking on several panels at 35 Conferette, and, even more impressive (no offense, Conferette), in May, he'll be speaking at Liverpool Sound City 2011 Festival alongside Bella Union label head, and former Cocteau Twins member Simon Raymonde. Factor in his guitar work in Midlake, his efforts with Capullido (the coffee company that he owns), his work with Nova Posta Vinyl (the record company that he runs), and his work as a Denton Historic Landmark Commissioner, and we're pretty sure this qualifies him as the busiest man in local music at this point. Right?

Pulido's speech begins at about 1:20 into the above clip.

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