Erykah Badu is Playing the Granada Theater, and She's Not the Only One

Were you feeling like maybe you were about to get a little break, like your calendar was freeing up after this week? Maybe you were going to stay home and cook dinner or get back to some creative project you have putt off? I know that feeling, like the cultural obligations in the city or the transcendent experiences being offered in any number of concert halls, clubs or galleries will briefly let up so you can just watch a little TV.

Nope. Sorry, your dance card is about to fill right back up. The Granada is announcing a run of shows this morning with no less than Dallas-spirit animal Erykah Badu making an appearance as soon as 2/26, and tickets go on sale now. Like, right now. You should go get one.

And please pause on the - EVERYONE AT THE DALLAS OBSERVER JUST LOVES ERYKAH BADU SO MUCH! YOU WONT STOP TALKING ABOUT HER - stuff. I mean, it might be true, I certainly find myself talking about her quite a bit. For example, Erykah Badu was very charming on her recent appearance on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Another example, Badu's live performances, even small impromptu ones in town, continue to add dimension to her already full career. Badu's rich concepts, and thoughtful arrangements always chase something new in her music, making each concert its own new ritual. All that to say, grab a ticket. Your late night will be worth it.

Another exciting announcement from the Granada camp includes THEESatisfaction with Shabazz Palaces -- the former impressed in Dallas at the 2011 Gorilla vs. Bear festival. Fans of Badu will like Thee Satisfaction's intergalactic R&B. I recommend you get familiar with their 2012 release Awe Natural but if you really want to bring these concert announcement's full circle, check out their new mixtape, Thee Satisfaction Loves Erykah Badu. A seven-track tribute piece wherein Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White put their own spacey soulful spin on the beats our Dallas queen have made so beloved.

Download the whole thing here and pay special attention to "Wrong Turn" and "Game Blouses."

Go. Get some tickets. Never make a meal at home again.

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