Erykah Badu Talks DJing, Says DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown Isn't As New As We Thought.

Like so many other venues last weekend, the pop-up club sponsored by rap's favorite cognac, the so-called House of Hennessy in Arlington, showcased its fair share of musical star power as part of its Super Bowl weekend celebrations: Neo-soul performer Marsha Ambrosius stopped in for a minute; rappers Trina and Naughty by Nature's Treach each showed and performed; even noted R&B singer, reality star and Kim Kardashian fame-maker Ray J had some time on the microphone.

But the biggest name of all came from the local pool: Dallas' Own Erykah Badu descended upon the club on Sunday night, reprising her role as DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, which she debuted only a few months back, and just as she did a few times this weekend.

That much maybe isn't altogether surprising: Proud Dallas daughter Badu was more than happy to play ambassador to the out-of-towners this weekend, thankyouverymuch -- and so she explains in the exclusive audio clip we've posted after the jump, in which Badu, backstage before her turn on the tables, talks a big game in explaining her passion for DJing, as well as some back-story about her experience with the art form.

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Pete Freedman
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