Famecast Offers End This All Its 15 Minutes

Austin-based Famecast is in its third season and asking Internet denizens to vote for the next band/singer/comedian that will possibly maybe get its 15 minutes. In the rock section, Dallas has some representation with the band End This All making the final five. The pressure is on this Saturday because the band needs to step up and perform before a live audience and (gasp!) "judging panels consisting of today's most preeminent A-list music and entertainment writers and industry insiders."

While Famecast doesn't promise fame, it offers some fortune with the winner receiving some fat cash to the tune of $10,000. Good luck to the locals, but they should probably watch out for New Jersey band Akora who has a bit more (read that again, BIT MORE) inspired sound and the most interesting of the videos (after the jump).

The winner will be announced December 10. Pins and needles, huh? -- Rich Lopez

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