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Fashion Notes: Get Sudie's Cool, Romantic Look

Sudie has been wearing more floral prints lately.
Sudie has been wearing more floral prints lately. Jamie Jones
Sudie Abernathy's sultry, cool girl style is the perfect complement to her brand of romantic electro-pop. The Dallas singer, often seen sporting her classic white K-Swiss kicks, even caught the attention of the sneaker company. They made her an ambassador, featured her on the K-Swiss website, and gift her with shoes every so often.

“They are ridiculously comfy and seriously go with anything,” Abernathy says about the sneakers. “I love to pair them with something fancier, like a nice velvet dress or a matching colorful two-piece.”

One of the signature elements of Abernathy's style is this willingness to blend casual and dressed-up pieces. “I can say that I am able to pull from many different sources of inspiration,” she says.

Her sartorial choices evolve just like her music, and lately she's been incorporating more bold patterns and color blocking “with a smidge of sophistication.”

“I feel like I'm always growing and my goals and expectations are always changing," she says. "I feel like that directly correlates to who I am as an artist in all creative aspects."

Abernathy considers fashion to be just another way to express her artistic vision, so she always puts thought into her performance outfits.

When getting dressed, whether for the stage or a regular Saturday afternoon, Abernathy asks herself whether she wants to be comfortable or whether she wants to “dazzle.” “Sometimes there is a way to do both at the same time," she says. "It’s finding the balance and just going with how you feel that day."

Abernathy is a fan of thrifting. “You can find weird items that no one else has, and you won't feel bad about dishing out the money to alter them because they weren't that expensive to begin with,” she says.

She fills out holes in wardrobe through hand-me-downs from friends and buys basics from American Apparel. Lately she's been purging her closet so it will more accurately reflect her current taste. The action plan is to "start over with acquiring and collecting well-made pieces that are also eye-catching and unique,” she says.

Here are some new pieces you can buy in your quest for your own Sudie-inspired wardrobe.

composite by Caroline North

K-Swiss Sneakers - $75 at kswiss.com
“Anyone who knows me knows I have to sport my crispy, classic white K-Swiss kicks,” Abernathy says. You heard it from the lady herself. If you’re trying to go for the Sudie look then this is the one item you have to have in your closet. 

Hoop Earrings - $6.50 (set of 3) at Forever 21
While we are on the topic of accessories, make sure to grab a pair of large hoop earrings, another key piece for anyone looking to give off the cool Sudie vibe.

Mid-Length Choker Top - $38 at American Apparel
Get this sexy top in white to use as the perfect base for any outfit. Pair it with high-waisted jeans or a bold skirt for a look that will “dazzle.”

A-Line Rainbow Skirt - $59.99 at Modcloth.com
This colorful skirt looks vintage even though it isn’t. You can wear it while sifting through any of Dallas’ thrift shops for actual used pieces.

Floral Skirt - $59.99 at Modcloth.com
If color blocking isn’t quite your thing, you can grab this floral skirt, also from Modcloth. Floral prints are something Sudie has been rocking lately, so follow suit.
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