Father John Misty, Jim James, Cannibal Corpse and More of This Week's Show Announcements

Father John Misty Monday, May 6, at Granada Theater It's no news that J. Tillman has had many musical past lives, including a short-lived stint with the Fleet Foxes, but after the release of Fear Fun last summer, the first album under his moniker Father John Misty, he's perhaps never been more at home. You can get your tickets on Friday for a show that will probably move you to tears, so long as you're not distracted by FJM's awkward dance moves.

The Piano Guys Monday, April 29, at House of Blues, $25-$40 The Piano Guys are an Internet sensation. The group is no more than five dads from Utah who play music, and who got famous from a Youtube video that went viral last year in an effort to create an advertisement for one of the member's piano stores. It's a long story. I suggest you go watch NBC's 23-minute special on them.

Jim James Tuesday, May 7, at House of Blues, $26

My Morning Jacket front man Jim James is headed out solo this spring after he drops his new debut full-length next week. He announced that he's bringing a full backing band, which will make his folk-country tracks more danceable than swayable.

Bonobo Friday, May 10, at House of Blues, $20

You may not have heard of UK's downtempo electronic DJ Bonobo, who has been releasing albums since 2000, but you should have. A massive tour has the one-man show hitting the UK, Europe, Canada and the U.S. in the midst of releasing his anticipated sixth full-length this April,

The North Borders

. Go watch this

trippy music video

for "Cirrus," a track off of his upcoming album, and tell me what you think.

Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Immolation Saturday, May 11, at Trees, $22/$25

Metalheads rojoice! Not only do you get Gojira tomorrow at Granada, but now Cannibal Corpse has announced a tour that will route itself through Dallas this May, along with fellow death metal groups Napalm Death and Immolation. Local booking entity Parade of Flesh has done it again.

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