Film School

Let's hope that San Francisco new gaze/shoe wave is the next big thing, if only because we've trademarked both of those terms. Prattling screamo brats have held court for far too long. If you're gonna mope, you may as well do so artfully with echoing melodies and tidal waves of reverb. Greg Bertens returns in support of Film School's fantastic third album, along with keyboardist Jason Ruck and three new players: guitarist Dave Dupuis, drummer James Smith and bassist/vocalist Lorelei Plotczyk (who was a production assistant on NBC's Funniest Outtakes 2. Thank you, IMDB). You could compare the latest batch of Film School tunes to the seminal works of Bauhaus, Joy Division or Curve, but then you'd be a dick for trying to pigeonhole the group. They're artists, you condescending ass. Does everything have to have a label, falling neatly into some preconceived format void of originality or invention and restricted by its very definition? Also, they kinda sound like The Cure before The Cure started sucking.

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Geoff Johnston

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