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Final Four: The Killers Were Hot, But the Weather Was Cold

Maybe I hang out with extreme cynics or maybe my friends don't appreciate free, outdoor concerts like I do, or heck, I probably just don't have enough friends, but convincing someone to tag along with me to the Final Four series of concerts at Reunion Plaza proved tricky.

Everyone told me it would be a hot, sweaty mess, the weather would be too miserable, or you know, children.

All of that was so untrue.

I headed that way last night to see The Killers. The DART wasn't overcrowded and security went smoother than expected.

Side note: Security is kind of my favorite part of every event, flight or concert. It's a fun game of which items will make it through? Women with purses were instructed to dump all our purse contents out and place them in a clear bag. Except the security woman said personal things could stay.

Okay, so, pocket knife stays and somehow makes its way through security.

People were bundled up in coats and boots and were sitting or standing on the open field to watch the basketball game. I had honestly forgotten this whole thing was centered around a game, but I mindlessly watched anyway.

A woman coaxed us into going to the Capital One tent, promising us there wasn't a catch. It was warm, had couches, cellphone chargers and was airing the game, but muted the sound during commercials. It successfully kept us warm and occupied before the start of the concert.

The Killers appeared right on time, as soon as the game ended. Turns out I knew more songs than I originally thought, so singing along was no big thing.

The wine and body heat around us warmed us up, but it still wasn't unbearably overcrowded. It was pretty easy to move in and out of people; there were no lines for the portable toilets, and alcohol and food were aplenty.

About half-way through The Killers' set, a severe weather warning popped up on the big screen, but there wasn't a move or a sound from the crowd. Maybe it was the alcohol or the good music, but people seemed unfazed by it and continued to sing, dance and drink.

The concert ended, we headed to the DART station, loaded in and went home. Maybe Dallasites aren't huge Killers fans, but it was the perfect free concert to attend. I'll let Vanessa conquer Bruce Springsteen and Sunday's weather and see if it's worth it.

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